Inno Tech Shop-Script is a PHP software package for running your store on your web hosting account. The advantage of using scripts is that once installed, the online store would be running on the server and can be managed by you—you have full administrative control of your store.

You can add products through a web browser one by one or imported in bulk from an Excel price list file (CSV).

You can select one of 19 design templates included with the product, and fine-tune it to meet your needs using the built-in design editor.  Pages are optimized for indexation by search engines such as Google.  In addition, your store's visitors can mark a number of products on the page and compare them in a table.

Inno Tech Shop-Script payment and shipping options are added using a specialized wizard: enter option name, and attach appropriate functional modules to connect it to your payment gateway or shipping company. Our product offers a set of modules to integrate with major shipping carriers (UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL) and payment gateways (PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, etc.). These modules implement the entire technical side of the integration process.

Your store front is compatible with mobile devices, allowing your customers to browse and place orders without connecting from a desktop.

Product pages have a built in feedback form that can be used by site visitors to place a request for product availability or additional information. There is also a general feedback form that can be accessed from any page of the store.

Storeowners can track their business progress with the help of graphic reports showing sales for a given period of time, most popular products, most viewed categories, and products placed into a cart most often.